Anything Inc

A webcomic about boys in color guard.

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What is Toss of Fate about?

Toss of Fate is about boys in indoor color guard. As Dylan Greene completes his middle school color guard performance, he has a small run in with a small excitable boy. As years go by with never seeing the boy, fate brings the two back together as they go try out for the indoor color guard in their sophomore year of high school. Rivaled at first, the two grow close as they go through life together dealing with their home lives, medical and mental issues, and sexuality. Toss of Fate will update in chunks and at random. (subject to change)

Toss of Fate content level may change in the future. Toss of Fate deals with problems of family abuse, medical and mental health issues, lgbt issues, and other issues of growing up.

About the Author/Artist/

You may have seen me with my other comic- Anything Inc.– I’m a comic artist creating and loving comics. I’m also a ferret parent and enjoy comics, anime, and other nerd activities. I’m a friendly face, so feel free to say hello.

I just wanted to say that this comic will be special to me because it has some key elements that are close in my life. Color guard is special to me, despite my short time in it, but the time is special. It helped me cope with a rough time in my life, allow me to interact with good people outside my social circle, and gave me a chance to have fun and shine. I loved performing and honestly wish I could do it again. Also, some of the issues that’ll come up reflect on the struggles I went through/ go though. I’m excited to express these things as I never see them mentioned at all. So, allow me to present this comic and I hope you enjoy it as much as I love working on it.