Anything Inc

A webcomic about boys in color guard.

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Dylan Greene


Dylan is in his sophomore year of high school and has been in color guard since eighth grade. With issues with bullies and personal issues in the past, he is reserved and doesn’t try to interact with others. Dylan enjoys spinning flag and admits that doing so makes him feel free. He is a perfectionist and timing is key to him. Once Jude enters his life, he gets jealous and annoyed, but acknowledges the beauty of Jude’s work. Time will only tell with how much of a soft spot he’ll have for Jude..

Jude Gibbon


Jude is the new kid in school entering in his sophomore year. He has been in color guard probably since sixth grade? He is awkward, but welcoming to new friends. However, once you have gain the title of “friend” in Jude’s mind, he is energetic, witty, playful towards you. And if you are really close, you get to learn that this boy isn’t all sunshine. Jude has amazing skill at dancing, but is wanting to be with rifles and sabres. Counting out the beats can be a bit tough for Jude, but he moves with the beat. This is both good and bad for doing this allows Jude to express and feel the music, but he may be off. Once seeing Dylan again, he remembers him from their previous encounter and smoothers Dylan with attention. Jude already wants to be close to Dylan, but will only want to be closer as time goes on.